Property Types

  • Multifamily: Conventional Class “A “and “B” garden style and mid-rise communities, that are high quality, built 2000 or newer, and possess generally low operating risk. We do not acquire non market-rate, student housing, or age restricted/senior housing properties.
  • Commercial: Institutional quality with generally long term remaining tenancy and history of strong occupancy.


Investment Structures

  • 100% fee interest only. Actively purchasing ground lease positions.


Size of transactions

  • Multifamily: $20 million+.
  • Commercial & Ground Lease: $50 million+.



  • Investment grade tenancy at time of purchase (except multifamily) with 7+ years of lease term remaining.



  • Primary and secondary markets in the United States.

Eaton Vance Management is part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, the asset management division of Morgan Stanley. It provides investment advice to its fund clients concerning real estate transactions. As a matter of policy, Eaton Vance Management does not disclose which fund or funds buys or owns a specific property. This is not an offer to sell shares of any Eaton Vance fund nor a solicitation of offers to buy or sell shares of any Eaton Vance fund.